Websites + Mobile Apps + More

We offer a multitude of web devolpment services, anything that you can imagine related to the web and your company, we can offer. We create amazing mobile apps and native mobile apps (Android and Apple), Great Websites (HTML and Wordpress), Search Engine Optimization, Google Ad Words, Website Ranking, and much more! Give us a shout, we can get you a free quote!
•Great Designs
•Built for SEO
•Responsive Design
•Web & Mobile Apps

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Logos + Flyers + Business Cards

We can assist you with any creative design needs that may arise. If you are looking for a fresh new look, need some new literature, want to advertise on a billboard, or make your car a driving billboard, we can help! We put the creativity minions to work for you to bring you the most visually creative ideas to life!

•Business Cards
•Vehicle Wraps
•Social Media Branding

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Online + Print + TV + More

There are many methods to market your business locally, nationally, and internationally. We assist our clients in identifying their core demographics, and which methods would work best for their situation. One of the best ways to do this, is marketing via the most popular social media platforms. We have vast experience in indentifying your demographic and driving them to your specific sites. We lead them to you, and your company does the rest! We offer full campaigns with metrics to gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns. Let's get you social!

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Business Formation + Consulting

You have the amazing idea and business, but the "business" side of things has you bogged down? Well, we have you covered! Our CEO works directly with our business services clients, using his years of executive level positions at several large and local businesses. We will work with you to set up your business properly, including contracts, back end client management, business formation, structuring a liability free business, and general business advisement. Contact us today with your issues, and we will work with you for the perfect solution!

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I Need Help With My Brands Image

Just like you wouldn't go to an important meeting in wrinkled clothes and crazy hair, it's equally as important that you “comb your brands hair”. What does your logo look like? How about your website? Does it scream professionalism or does it look like it just rolled out of bed? Flicker Media can help position your brand amongst the biggest, contact us today so we can chat about your project.

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I Need To Make My Brand Known To The Masses

There are several ways to increase awareness about your brand, from free to paid. We sit down with our clients to determine what benchmarks they are looking to achieve, and develop a solid well rounded marketing plan for the best outcome. We stand apart from others because we look to find the most effective, lowest cost solutions to reach your goals. If it's something that you can do on your own for free, we're going to tell you that, it's not all about the money around here!

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